Yoga, my true companion for life!

This section contains the selected entries from the Essay writing competition held at Yogasakhi.
The subjects were :
1. How Yoga made a difference in my life…
2. My “dream” yoga class
3. My Yoga practice : Where do I see myself after 6 months

This competition encouraged the students to think, retrospect, imagine…
To have Clarity, Goal and Satisfaction in their daily yoga Sadhana!

This essay is submitted by the eldest student of the yoga class, Mrs. Rohini Bapat ( 70 yrs)
All her personal experiences with Asana and Pranayam are well articulated and so true.Practicing regularly at this age shows her disciplined life.

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When I decided to write this essay, my mind went back to my school days. I used to struggle at that time and even now the things have not changed. I used to peep into my friends notebook for some clues but alas it’s not possible now.
We use this word ‘ Yogkshema’ very frequently, but according to me it’s simple meaning is those who practice ‘Yog’ are always ‘kshema’ or secured i.e. healthy and fit in their life. The original word is ‘Yog’ but we are blindly calling it as ‘Yoga’ as per English rules.
I cannot practice all the postures but for last few years I am practicing regularly those which I can. Due to this there are some definite changes in my lifestyle which are visible to others as well who are around me. The most important change is mental calmness. I was a short tempered lady which has changed now. My desires, comparison with others have reduced to a great extent.

When yoga was not part of my life, I was troubled with many trivial health issues like indigestion, head ache which has totally vanished now. I never used to pay attention to my breathing before, but now I can take my attention to my breathing. In shavasana, we focus our attention on every part of the body and that provides new insight about the body parts. This chit chat with my body parts gives me great satisfaction and I earnestly thank god for providing me this healthy and non disabled body. This feeling helps me to enjoy peaceful sleep at night.
As you grow old, many negative thoughts clog your mind. The thoughts start propping up like we can’t make any significant contribution towards our family or society. But yoga practice has given me an emotional strength to dispel these negative thoughts.

Now days as I have started attending one yoga class, I am liking it more. As we can follow the orders given by the teacher and concentrate more on the practice without any other thoughts and also I can learn more from others in the class. I sincerely feel that I should be able to continue practicing ‘Yog’ and at the same time should be able to encourage others to follow this science.

Contributor: Mrs. Rohini Bapat , House wife , Age: 70 yrs

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