Yoga has helped me improve quality of my life!

This Essay is submitted by Monica, who believes and has realized that yoga is more than a weight loss regime. It has benefited her at various aspects of life like physical, mental and spiritual levels. Read her experience in her own words…


I have been practicing yoga for the last 2 years now. So many people I met would ask me why I joined. ”You don’t need to lose weight.” Well, I didn’t and weight was certainly not why I took up yoga. In fact, when I started with the class, my only aim was to get started with a regular exercise routine because illnesses and lack of exercise were catching up. So I started with yoga. And in just two months, I realized how I had underestimated the power and benefits of this age old exercise regime.

I started walking and sitting straight. I was very conscious of my breathing. I was relaxed. I tried to avoid stress by walking out of negative situations and by taking things lightly. At the end of the day, I didn’t feel as drained out as I would earlier. That for me was and is the biggest gain. The quality of my life has improved, significantly.
I found yoga postures tough at first because my body wasn’t all that flexible but over time, I started enjoying the challenge. Yoga has helped me improve on physical, mental and spiritual levels and I am thankful for that, and also to my wonderful yoga instructor who drives the message so well. She herself is an epitome of positivity and balance.

I believe God guides all our moves in life. I am grateful to Him for introducing me to yoga.
Since the last few months, I have been unable to attend classes regularly. I miss the routine and I miss my old class. My dream for the pending three quarters of this year is that I become an early riser and don’t miss a single class of yoga again!

Contributor: Monica S Samuel, Working Professional

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