Yoga helped me to connect with my roots…

This section contains the selected entries from the Essay writing competition held at Yogasakhi.
The subjects were :
1. How Yoga made a difference in my life…
2. My “dream” yoga class
3. My Yoga practice : Where do I see myself after 6 months

This competition encouraged the students to think, retrospect, imagine…
To have Clarity, Goal and Satisfaction in their daily yoga Sadhana!

This essay is submitted by Rehana, yoga student. She has written about how Yoga has become way of life for her. She has rightly questioned the basic religious practices and found the answers.

blog 3I started yoga in November 2012. Initially the motivation was just to get engaged in some physical and meditational activity. But with time what i have discovered is something more than that.

Regular yoga practice corrects my body postures, sitting postures and improves my breathing patterns. As i used to do fast exercises like Aerobics, Cycling but with Yoga i started practicing Rotation of Hands in slow pace, Single/Both Legs Raising in 10 counts, Sun Salutation, which improves my stamina and strengthens my core muscles.

Being in a IT Company, sitting on the chair for long hours I was finding it difficult to sit straight without any back support from some time.  But regular practice of sitting and Twisting Asanas  have strengthened my back and corrected my spine.  Now,  i can sit for hours without any pain and support.  Whenever i feel very exhausted or stressed out, i practice Breathing Exercises or if i have some heavy dinner at night, i sit in Vajrasana for few minutes and feel very relaxed and light. So regular yoga practice has benefited myself  in many aspects of my life.

Being a Muslim I practiced many Salat postures similar to Yoga Asanas like Vajrasana, Ardha Uttanasana, Sasankasana, Tadasana and Pranayama when offering Salat for 5 times a day. In our childhood our religious scholars taught us to perform all the Salat postures properly, as a kid our body is also more flexible and i used to do all that properly, that time they seemed very easy too.

I still do Salat but now question that comes to my mind is, if I am already doing all these Asanas why it is making difference only during Yoga?

The answer to this question is “Loss of Reasoning behind religious practices”.  It has nothing to do specific to my religion, we all belong to different religions and each religion has some basic practices. These practices are not merely rituals they have some reasons to be included as basic practice. With time and across generations either we have lost that reasoning or some basic practices are buried under more superficial practices.

Without reasoning, religious practice becomes just a ritual and we do it just as our duty. Now with a yearlong practice of yoga i am able to connect Salat procedure with its health benefit and discover the reasoning which was lost. So as name suggests Yoga means “to add”, “to attach”, “to connect”, “to join” to the roots, Yoga connects me back to the basic roots of the Salat.

Contributor: Rehana Khan, IT professional



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