Yoga with a buddy @ yogasakhi!

DSC01814Valentine’s Day always seems to be roughly the same.. Hallmark holiday, filled with flowers, candy, cards, dinner, and maybe a little romance. What if you tried something different this time to celebrate?

At Yogasakhi, Saee took the initiative to conduct a session where one could bring along a loved one to an hour of yoga. Mats placed side to side, performing the asanas was great fun with a buddy!
It is rewarding when families and friends connect with each other and build their practice together. Not only does partner yoga build balance and offer a deeper stretch by using your partner’s body, but it also brings some play and fun to the mat.
DSC01781It’s ideal to work with someone with a similar body weight and size for some of the partner yoga poses, but if you are practicing with a child just tweak the poses accordingly!

Here are a few examples:


- Sit apart from each other, legs stretched out, and fold forward. Grab your partner’s hands or forearms to get a deeper stretch.





DSC01772- Try boat pose while facing each other, with either legs stretched out, straight, or bent, and then grab each other’s arms.





DSC01786- Both stand with one leg against their opposite thigh and hold the others’ hand, sideways.






We walked out of the session refreshed and recharged, each armed with a sample of ‘Projit’ a nutritional supplement and a resolution to include Yoga with our buddy as a regular part of our routine!

This post is contributed by Nivedita Master. She is a counselor by profession and a regular yoga practitioner. 


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