There is 95% improvement in my sinusitis condition and I feel so good and relaxed now. I look forward to the class every day.

Neelam, 38 yrs,
School Teacher.
I feel completely relaxed. I felt relief in my TMJ (locked jaw) problem after 1 month of attending the class. Overall I feel physically, mentally and emotionally “UP”…

Abhinaya, 36 yrs,
I feel energized throughout the day, my appetite has improved and I am able to do more physical activities in a day.

Sangitha, 30 yrs ,
IT professional.
I have attended the pregnancy yoga sessions @ yogasakhi. It prepared me better mentally and physically for the delivery.

Vinita, 29 yrs,
Software professional.
I feel de-stressed, healthy and energized. My sugar levels are under control after 1 year of yoga in your class.

Suchita, 36 yrs,
Thanks to the regular yoga practice during pregnancy, I have delivered a healthy baby naturally. Also I could recover quickly after it and have reduced my weight to normal within one year of delivery.

Nandita , 29 yrs,
Financial analyst.
I have started worrying less and have started taking things lightly after joining the yoga class.

Neeraj, 37 yrs,
Software professional.