Early Risers

Time : 5.45am-6.45am
Days : On Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
Custom yoga techniques to energize men and women as they start their day. A mix of Hatha yoga, yoga with props such as chair, bolster, belt, and brick, and Pranayama is used for participants to relax and strengthen their body, rejuvenate and calm their mind.

Women’s Special

Time : 10am-11am & 11am-12pm
Days : On Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri.
Custom yoga techniques derived from Hatha yoga  and yoga with props practices help women manage their daily schedules without stress or bodily aches and pains. Issues specific to women such as hormonal disturbances and dysmenorrhea are given special attention in the session.

Krida yoga

Time : 2 weeks
Days : In April & October vacations only
Krida yoga workshops are designed to boost the personality development of kids on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels – all in a fun way. Games are played to improve memory, concentration, attention span, flexibility, and awareness. Kids are also taught jal-neti cleansing technique.

Yoga kriya

Time : 6.00am-7.00am
Days : Last Sunday of every month
Six processes known as sat kriyas (yoga kriyas) that purify the system are practiced every month. They include Kapalabhati Kriya, Neti Kriya, Dhouti Kriya, Nauli Kriya, Trataka Kriya and Basti Kriya. The 6 kriyas are comprehensively explained in different yoga texts such as the Hatha Pradipika.

Pregnancy yoga

Time : 10.30-11.30 am
Days : Saturdays (4 sessions in a month)
Pregnant women are taught breathing techniques and yoga practices to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy, helping them enjoy this golden period. They also practice the Rhythm Natural Birth Technique – 4 Steps to Natural Childbirth to manage labour pains without losing calm or control. A nutritionist is also called in to advise women on their health and nutritive intake at every trimester.

Therapeutic yoga, on request.

Time :
Days :
Yoga sessions to cure or manage chronic or acute ailments such as diabetes, thyroid imbalance, blood pressure, etc., are provided on request.

Stress management sessions for corporate, on request.

Time :
Days :
Stress is common to all corporate workers. It’s a slow killer that manifests into serious lifelong problems. Yoga helps to manage stress, improve concentration and enhance productivity for greater job satisfaction and career advancement.