About Us

About Us

YogaSakhi was founded by Saee Bapat, Masters in Yogic science from SVYASA University, Bangalore.

Saee comes from an IT culture, with 10+ years of experience with Infosys. During that time, she was also pursuing studies in yoga. After her second child, Saee decided to quit and turn her passion for yoga into a full time pursuit.

Through the years, Saee has been practicing yoga – honing her skill and knowledge in yoga therapy. She experimented with different styles of yoga – Hatha yoga and other styles yoga. 

Having experienced the benefits of yoga in her own life and seen others, she decided to start teaching yoga to spread the joy. That’s how YogaSakhi came into being.

Today, Saee is devoted to teaching yoga. She conducts yoga classes for adults on a regular basis. She conducts Krida yoga sessions for children during vacations, teaching powerful yoga techniques in a fun-filled way. She has also been working as a pregnancy yoga therapist at 3 leading clinics in Bangalore since the last 6 years.

Saee is also an accomplished swimmer. She won several medals at swimming nationals in school and college days. Recently she won at the masters national competitions after a long hiatus. She attributes this success to regular yoga practice.