Yoga practice made me think about myself!

This section contains the selected entries from the Essay writing competition held at Yogasakhi.
The subjects were :
1. How Yoga made a difference in my life…
2. My “dream” yoga class
3. My Yoga practice : Where do I see myself after 6 months

This competition encouraged the students to think, retrospect, imagine…
To have Clarity, Goal and Satisfaction in their daily yoga Sadhana!

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This essay has been submitted by Sharmila, who is a house wife taking care of 2 kids. It is a true and honest story of how Yoga has changed her life and how her fears have changed into courage .Just 6 months of practice and she has started thinking about herself.

Right from my childhood I have never been interested in outdoor sports activities or never had a chance to perform any regular exercise….instead was a bookworm and very artistic by nature. After graduation, job, marriage and finally surrendering to maternal responsibilities I called off 8 year old career. Now I am a happy housewife managing two kids… I hardly found any time for myself. My mom kept telling me about numerous yoga benefits and why it is important and then learnt about this class…So I Wanted to give it a try…
To my surprise….I realized how stiff each and every body part of mine is and was not at all flexible…i was very disappointed…i wondered when did i lose all of the flexibility….may be after second delivery…i was shattered. After the first session the body ache was appearing to be intolerable….then slowly after few classes i felt better. But for months together I battled with my internal fears of injuring myself in any way or not performing yoga in right way…i even thought what if it was not for me…..But something within me gave me courage to keep practicing yoga…Its six months now and I am really glad that I did so…I thank GOD each day for bringing Yoga into my life and pray that I should be able to practice it throughout my life.
I regret that these 36 years of my life I have been not concentrating on my physical fitness at all….I am happy with the flexibility in my body now and mental calmness yoga has given me. Managing day to day chores, kid’s tantrums, studies etc. is better now and enjoyable. I have started thinking again about myself too now…
My dream yoga class would be when I can complete the postures with more ease and wish to dare some beneficial but tough postures like sarvangasana, shirshasana etc…Now I believe that with time my body should be more flexible. Just praying that my belief in Yoga continues and I am able to live life in a much healthier way…

CONTRIBUTOR : Sharmila Prabhu, 36 yrs old, Housewife

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