Yoga for kids - It reduces exam stress, ensures physical and mental well-being, and retards premature/early puberty in kids

Yoga for women - It helps women live a healthier, fuller life while managing the challenges of being natural multitaskers

Yoga for adults - It helps office goers manage work stress and increase productivity with improved concentration

Yoga for pregnant women - It helps pregnant women manage hormonal, emotional, and physical changes of pregnancy, and also prepare for labor

About Yogasakhi

Yogasakhi … meaning your friend in the journey of yoga. Yogasakhi is the realization of a belief … that yoga can help each one us achieve our full potential in life. It breaks the perception that yoga is boring or exclusive to some. It’s goal is to help people across ages

and stages of life to experience positivity and manage issues that affect physical and mental well-being.
Yogasakhi is about improving the quality of our given life by embracing an age old science borne of centuries of wisdom and practice.


I feel completely relaxed. I felt relief in my TMJ (locked jaw) problem after 1 month of attending the class. Overall I feel physically, mentally and emotionally “UP”… :)

Housewife, 36

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